New Chidren’s Music Activity Page

The latest addition to our ‘Kids’ Pages’ of creative approach music activities is a traditional 3-part round. Words and music are given for both C and Bb instruments, with suggestions for learning and performing the song. A jukebox presents audio files for unison and 3-part versions and each section repeated as an ostinato.  It is hoped that children will also create their own ostinato accompaniments. Readers of my earlier post on Singing Rounds in The Classroom who downloaded the materials to which it linked may find this page a useful additional resource.

The Level 2 Kids’ Pages, of which this is an example, are directly addressed to children but, as with all our resources, we really hope that parents and teachers will explore and share music with the youngsters. We can’t overestimate the value of such shared activity!

Sing Together – A Round

Singing with Children

Parents who are looking for ideas to develop family singing will find the Sing Up website a positive treasure trove! Sing Up is a Music Manifesto project to get children singing. It is aimed at parents/carers, teachers and music-leaders – anyone who values singing and wants to share this joyful activity with children. There is a special section of the site devoted to families. Here, parents will find information about music for different age groups, singing activities and games. The Song Bank currently contains 300+  songs with lyrics, audio tracks, printable/interactive songsheets and activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and have fun!