Publishing for creativity and inclusion.

Welcome! I'm Audrey Podmore, music teacher, composer and facilitator. I launched this site, in September 2002 to support all kinds of creative and inclusive music-making. At that time online music publishing was in it's infancy! Now, in 2016, the scene has changed beyond recognition and I need t find new ways to relate with visitors and make resources available. It's a very daunting task for one person, with so much material to share! Please do contact me with any comments, ideas or questions you may have. Contact

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On this site, you will find many resources to support creativity:

  • improvisation ideas for many of our sheet-music pieces
  • interactive  software, packed with creative ideas
  • creative classroom projects for key stages 1-3
  • Kids' Pages of creative activities and Kids' Guide to site
  • inspirational articles by creative musicians
  • links to other places online which support a creative approach


We support inclusion by:

  • making easy music available, including much for absolute beginners
  • publishing flexible music for mixed instruments and abilities
  • providing online playback for large sections of our catalogue
  • publishing 'framework' software with "widening access" options
  • offering a customisation service for our sheet music and software
  • articles supporting inclusive practice
  • links supporting music and special needs


We publish materials that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • they promote creative music-making
  • they are flexible enough to permit some degree of customisation
  • they reach out to those deprived of music, for whatever reason

We also distribute creative and inclusive music resources from other publishers and welcome enquiries from like-minded teachers and community musicians.

Our Composers

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Audrey Podmore

Tim Hopkins

Natalia Kouznetsova

Simon Cunliffe

Johan Hugosson

Rupert Kirby