1. Creative Sites

Contemporary Music for Amateurs
workshops in improvisation/ composition at various UK venues

"exhilarating opportunities for music composition and live group music-making, with the invisible, expanding keyboard in space"

Music for People
"Music for People (Goshen, CT, USA), offering workshops in music improvisation for almost 20 years, is dedicated to re-vitalizing music making for individuals and groups and to promoting music as a means of self-expression"

2. General Sites

The Wide World of Music
Listen to and learn about an amazing variety of instruments from all over the world
a free flute piece to download and play added daily, along with other great flute resources.

the online score service for singers. Over 900 scores of songs, lieder and arias by all the great composers of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, available for instant printing in any key.

Musical Creations
Composers of original light classical crossover songs for the tenor voice.

Virtual Sheet Music
Classical sheet music arrangements, in pdf format, for immediate download.

Society of Recorder Players
a nationwide organisation for recorder players of all ages. There are some fifty branches promoting enjoyment of and interest in recorder playing, largely through ensemble playing.

Dolmetsch Musical Instruments
manufacturers of early musical instruments, including recorders (1-handed models available). The site has many useful resources, including free online recorder and music theory lessons.

The Recorder
This page has some great links for anyone interested in recorder at any level

Larry Krantz Flute Pages
probably the web's most important resource for flute players - check it out! (You can join the 'FLUTE' mailing list, here)

The Clarinet Pages
a magnificent resource for clarinet players and home of the 'klarinet' mailing list.

supports young flute-players with an exciting mix of events and a magazine.

Pay The Piper
a useful website for children and adults who are thinking of taking up a musical instrument - the advantages and disadvantages of each instrument, how to get lessons, how to practise, measuring your progress, how much it will cost - everything you need to know!

Flute Resources from SeatUp
an interesting mix of flute snippets shared by a young player/researcher who hopes you will find them as inspiring as she does. Enjoy!