Audrey Podmore

Composer and Arranger
Welcome! I'm Audrey, the owner and creator of this website where I publish many of my own compositions and resources and those of like-minded musicians. This page is about my composing and arranging activity. (All the music linked to here has audio playback.)


Individual Requirements

My musical interests are broad and I compose and arrange in many styles. I take a particular interest, though, in developing creative resources and in widening access to performance by accommodating individual performer requirements. Recently. I was delighted to be commissioned to write pieces for Trinity College London's creative new 'Music Tracks' Examinations, which bring together both interests. I often write for beginner instrumentalists, also for disabled musicians, and find it very challenging and rewarding to create satisfying music from sometimes quite slender resources. Pieces for absolute beginners on several instruments will be found at Beginner Downloads. The tighter the brief, the more exciting it is to explore its potential! So, I'll be very pleased if you want to discuss an educational  commission!

Contemporary Music

In the 1990s, it was through an association with Contemporary Music for All that I became aware that my music would would be of interest and service to others beyond my circle of pupils and friends, and I composed several pieces in a melodic contemporary style which are currently promoted in the CoMA Library. These include two string quartets written for intermediate players, which have been performed by CoMA ensembles at festivals. "And It Was Summertime" was recommended by the selection panel as a work of particular merit.


Facilitating Improvisation

Many of the pieces I make available on this site facilitate improvisation. They are complete works and can be performed exactly as written, yet have scope for performers to add their own ideas, adding suggestions for getting started. Some provide ideas for improvising an entirely new piece, using the original as a kind of template. There are several examples on the Flute Downloads page, some of which are also available for Bb instruments.


All-Comers Music Groups

Amongst the first resources I wanted to make available were flexible ensemble arrangements which could be shared by players of wide-ranging abilities. Through the custom print service, I can provide a custom set of parts for specified instruments, at very reasonable cost.  The core arrangements will be found on the Easy/Classroom Ensembles and Flexible Ensembles pages. Several of these pieces have been arranged for an All-comers orchestra.

(Some of my compositions on YouTube)

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