Using the Online Resources

Most Full Pitcher musical arrangements can both be played online, as backing tracks, and supplied with custom parts, which makes them a great resource for those leading music for people with special needs/ disabilities. Of particular relevance in this respect are the Flexible Ensembles and Easy/Classroom Ensembles, which have all been successfully used by disabled groups. Where a group does not have members able to tackle all the parts, an arrangement can be used as a backing track with which to play the easier additional or customised parts.

Several  pages on our site have songs presented with melody, lyrics and activities, designed for maximum inclusion. These include:

Songs for Sharing

Spring Fun

Summer Fun

Autumn Fun

Christmas Fun

Kids Pages

Miscellaneous Scores

The Miscellaneous page brings together ensemble arrangements and piano accompaniments for various seasonal and family music arrangements.

The GridPlay for Carers/Teachers software includes much material which has been successfully used with severely disabled groups, in a distinct repertoire of songs which are not currently available on the website.

To keep informed of developments and learn ways to obtain maximum benefit from our unique range of free and priced resources,

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