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Activities for families or friends to share, based on a selection of our online music. Click on a link to play the music or view the lyrics

See Children's Christmas and Simply Carols for full arrangements)

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Hurry. Shepherds, To The Manger Audio

"Hurry Shepherds To The Manger" is a round, played here as a unison song with piano accompaniment.

Download Melody & Lyrics in G Major

Download Melody & Lyrics in F Major

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Sorry Joseph! Audio        Sorry Joseph! Lyrics

In this song, Joseph goes from door to door seeking lodging for the night. Listen to the tune a few times and memorise the (few) words. Use real or improvised instruments to add the following sound effects:

knocking at the door
the door opens
the door closes
the donkey's hoofs, as it walks on to the next house

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Jesus Came TO Show It's True! Audio

Jesus Came To Show It's True! Lyrics

Many families will have small bells available, as part of seasonal decorations, Christmas hats, etc.. These can be rung for the bell-like introduction to this tune and at the words "God loves us" and "For Jesus came to show it's true" The words are sung twice and it is effective if a soloist sings them, first time around, with everyone joining in the exclamation, "God loves us!"

Right click to download free mp3 of full version to use as a backing track offline.

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Procession of the Kings  Audio

Procession of the Kings  Lyrics

The three 'Kings' or 'Wise Men' can form a 'caravan', while other family members add their real or improvised percussion instruments to the accompaniment. Tiny bells can be played, continuously, to the rhythm "trot-ting, trot-ting." This part would also be suitable for shakers, of various kinds. Tables, chairs, boxes, etc., can be tapped to the rhythm "It's Christ-mas." See at the end of the score for suggestions for real instruments, if these are available.

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A Christmas Round   (D major) audio

A Christmas Round  (C major) audio

A Christmas Round Trio (C major} audio

D Version Sheet Music    Download

C Version Sheet Music    Download

See if you can all sing the Voice 1 together. Each part is played by a different instrument. Focus on each instrument, in turn, and then see if you can all sing along with a different instrument.

Often, children receive presents of musical instruments which play the notes CDEFGABC (the white notes on a piano/keyboard). This is the scale of C major.  If you wish to use one of these instruments, you will need to play the C major version of the round. A child can play the notes on the instrument, from top to bottom, to make a bell-like introduction to the round. Playing freely on the notes of the scale will sound quite reasonable, especially if F and B are left out. The notes C and G can also be used, throughout, as an accompaniment.

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Click here for a free pdf of words for the Simply Carols series (Includes lyrics for the remaining carols featured on this page)

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Silent Night (Bb major)

Silent Night (C major)

Silent Night Melody (Bb Version) Download

Silent Night Melody (C Version)   Download

The original score is in the Key of Bb. In this key, the recorder part is fairly easy and it is within the range of most treble voices. However, if you want to play the simple accompaniment parts on instruments pitched in C major, you will need to use the C major version.

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The First Nowell  (D major)

The First Nowell (C major)

The original score is in the key of D major. If you wish to accompany it with instruments pitched in C major (the white notes on a piano/keyboard), you will need to use the C major version.

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I Saw Three Ships

The little bells can play for this one, in the appropriate verses. Pitched instruments could improvise an accompaniment in the notes G and D. The rhythm of the melody is very repetitive, so
it is not too difficult to play on real or improvised percussion instruments. Two pencils tapped together make good rhythm sticks.

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Blow the Trumpet & Bang the Drum

Have two groups of instruments for this: at the words "Sound the trumpet, the pipe and drum", in the 1st and 3rd lines of the chorus, the rhythm instruments play (two pencils tapped together, tapping on tables/chairs, etc..) At the words "Fill the air with the church bells' ringing" and "Ring the bells, for the Saviour's come." the bells play. In the verse, instruments that play the equivalent of the white notes on the piano can be used to improvise an accompaniment on C and F.

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Christmas Greetings

(See Children's Christmas and Simply Carols for full arrangements)