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Examples of MIDIgrid & GridPlay

An Introduction To GridPlay
GridPlay is a playback only version of MIDIgrid, a MIDI music authoring system which is something like a word processor applied to music. This amazing software facilitates the composition and performance of music and allows teachers or therapists to create their own software resources. GridPlay files or "grids" were created in MIDIgrid and can be loaded into the parent program for editing or to save recordings made in the grids. This "Introduction" will give users some idea of the very wide range of resources that can be created in MIDIgrid. Packs of ready made GridPlay resources for teachers and music leaders can be purchased from http://www.fullpitcher.co.uk/software.htm.

Windows Download

The following Flash videos of GridPlay grids will give a good idea of ways of configuring grids in MIDIgrid

GridPlay Level 2

Demo: drunkens.GRD

Demo: IVTunes.GRD

Demo:   instrumentsp.GRD


GridPlay Level 1

Demo (Marching.GRD)

Demo (birdroll.GRD)

Demo (pond.GRD)

For Flash-free videos, see The Full Pitcher YouTube channel at:

The Fullpitcher on Youtube

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MIDIgrid Demo


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