Flexible Ensembles

Listen to titles available to download.
truly flexible arrangements, with many options for mixed ability groups of players.

  • contrapuntal textures for you to combine, mix 'n' match fashion, to create duets, trios and quartets

  • optional parts, tailored to the needs of less experienced players.

  • can be supplied transposed to any key

  • even the simplest parts have musical interest

  • ***PDF scores are available for immediate download***

    Custom-prepared packs of score and parts for these arrangements can be ordered from the printed music section of our online store. Parts can be supplied in any transposition. Please contact us for further details.

    ***For electronic delivery of parts, please contact.***

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    PFX001/ Two Purcell Tunes/Score

    4-part arrangement with easy additional part. An improvised percussion part can work well with No.1

    Two Purcell Tunes  - Listen

    PDF sheet music doiwnload
    Price: £ 2.50


    PFX002/ J.S.Bach : March (Anna Magdalena)/ Score

    3-part arrangement with easy additional part. An improvised drum part can also work well.

    March (Anna Magdalena) / Bach - Listen

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 2.50


    PFX003/ Gluck: Dance of the Blessed Spirits/ Score

    4-part arrangement with two versions of easy additional Part 5. (One being for a flute beginner)

    Dance of the Blessed Spirits / Gluck - Listen

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 2.50


    PMS010/ Morning Has Broken/ Score

    Morning Has Broken
    - opens a pop-up window. Then, click twice on the play button.
    Everyone's favourite!

    This score represents just one way of performing the piece, which is suitable for a 'mix'n'match' treatment. It works well as a duet between parts M1 & M2; M1 and M3; M1 and the descant; M1 and A1, as well as in various trio combinations.

     Sound 123 (124) on a General Midi keyboard is 'Bird'. On a good instrument, this sound can be triggered freely, allowing a young or disabled child to make an effective contribution to the performance. (Although, in this way, almost anyone can produce pleasing sounds, there is scope for the more sympathetic musician to shape this contribution, enhancing its effect.) 

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 2.50


    PFX006:/ Haromugros/ Score (Magyar Traditional)

    3-part arrangement (high & low versions of parts 1, 2) with easy additional part.

    Haromugros /Magyar Trad. -Listen

    PDF sheet music download
    Available on request


    PFX007/ Parnatanc/ Score (Magyar Traditional)
    Skeleton score, from which to build ad-hoc arrangements. Two of the suggested parts are very easy. 

    This is a traditional Hungarian 'pillow' dance. It would be sung and danced by the young girls of the village when they presented a bride-to-be with embroidered linen for her trousseau. Each section is repeated many times. Originally, a pillow dance would have been unaccompanied but, in the more recent instrumental versions, variety is obtained by having the melody played on different instruments. When played by a soloist, it can be freely ornamented. Players should experiment with their own ad-hoc arrangements of this tune, rather than everyone playing all the time. 

    Parnatanc /  Magyar Trad. / Score

    High Treble, Low Treble , Low Treble 2, plucked instrument. BasAPEMusic/s, Tuned Perc., Bass 2

    (See also: version for flute & piano)

    PDF sheet music download
    Available on request



    PFX008/ Veterans' Dance/ Score (Magyar Traditional)
    Skeleton score, from which to build ad-hoc arrangements. One of the suggested parts is very easy.

    This is a slow dance suited to the pace of older villagers, hence the title - "Veteran's Dance". The slow tempo also affords an opportunity for the bass instruments to take a solo spot. Preferably, everyone should memorise the parts, as this makes for greater flexibility in the ad-hoc arrangements. Players can also improvise their own parts, as suggested in the score. 

    Veteran's Dance / Arr. Podmore -Listen

    High Treble, Low Treble,  Low Treble 2, Low Treble 3, Bass, Additional Treble

    PDF sheet music download
    Available on request

    PFX009/ Schubert: Entr'acte From Rosamunde/ Score

    3-part arrangement. (Melody in high and low versions). 2 easy additional parts

    Entr'acte from Rosamunde / Schubert -Listen

    Melody- High, Part 1 Melody, Part 2 Harmony, Bass , Additional 1, Additional 2

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 2.50


    PFX010/ Volga Boat Song/ Score

    Descant, melody, harmony 1, harmony 2, bass. Additional easy part, suitable for tuned percussion.

    Volga Boat Song / Russian Trad. - Listen

    Descant - Recorder, Descant - Flute, Melody, Harmony, Harmony 2 (Clarinet), Bass , Tuned Percussion

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 2.50




    PFX016/ Sarkozi Uverges/ Score
    3-part arrangement (high/low versions of parts 1&2)

    Sarkozi Uverges - Listen

    Part 1, High, Part 2, High, Part 1, Low, Part 2, Low, Part 3

    PDF sheet music download
    Available on request



    PRS004 Folk Hymns for Trios

    Amazing Grace; Let Us Break Bread Together; Shalom; Sing Hosanna! Scored here for flute clarinet & bassoon, they can be transposed to suit a variety of other instruments.

    Folk hymns for Trios - Listen

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 2.50


    PRS004P Folk Hymns For Trios/Parts

    PDF sheet music download
    Price: £ 1.99


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