Do you know about Audrey Podmore’s  forums? The Full Pitcher has  added several forums to the resources provided for visitors to Audrey’s sites.

The internet, so they tell us, is all about communication. Sometimes, though, it seems that, although there is plenty of information washing about online, finding material that speaks to us directly and answers our questions can be more difficult. Meaningful connections frequently happen in the course of conversations that, at first, seem extraneous to our real interest. To find information relevant to the needs of the moment and, perhaps, kindred spirits with whom to communicate, we need to listen-in to many conversations and contribute when the topic becomes relevant to us. That is what Audrey hopes Full Pitcher Forums will give people the opportunity to do.

It is part of The Full Pitcher’s mission to help those whose musical interests are not well served in the, strongly commercially-focussed, music scene to locate the information and resources they require and to share their ideas. Of the topic areas covered by these forums, none is well-represented online, so we feel that we can make a real contribution here.

At present, forums are set up so that anyone can read them but only registered members can post. One registration makes it possible to contribute to any of the forums. The threads will, of course, enable members to provide mutual support, but they are intended also as bulletin-boards in the traditional sense of a place where members can publicise their events and courses, etc. and where The Full Pitcher can post links to the specialist resources it makes available online.

The forums cover areas that The Full Pitcher’s newsletter subscribers have identified as being of particular interest, so we very much hope that readers of the newsletter and of this blog will contribute, and Audrey looks  forward to talking with you.

Quick links to the forums :
Forums Homepage
Class Music Teaching

Instrumental Teaching
Music & Disability
Family Music

Music Technology in Education