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The Improvisation Continuum
Daryl Runswick is a UK-based composer with an astonishingly varied output in classical, jazz and pop idioms. He has also devoted much energy and thought to the search for a synthesis of the improvising skills he learned in jazz with the more complex structures of contemporary concert music, and to the establishment of an improvising tradition and notation for concert musicians.

Marc Sabatella's 'A Jazz Improvisation Primer'
This is the online version of Marc Sabatella's, A Jazz Improvisation Primer. Here you can find information on almost every topic relating to jazz improvisation, from jazz history to music theory to practical advice on playing in a group.

'Jazz improvisation' article (on 'Music Ed' site)
Frank Griffith explores the problems experienced by young people and adult musicians in tackling jazz improvisation and proposes solutions to inspire and encourage them to succeed in this quest, even if only for personal growth and accomplishment.

Musical Improvisation in the Eighteenth Century
Martin Maner looks at improvisation in the 18th century, with musical examples.

The Inherent Compatibility of Jazz and Classical Music
.... and other articles and essays about Jazz by Paul Hofmann

Robert Levin's Improvisational Mozart
An article and audio file exploring improvisation in classical music

Susan Allen: Teaching Large Ensemble Music Improvisation
- a paper on the pedagogy of free improvisation and The CalArts Improvisation Ensemble

The Improvisor
This site has many interesting articles on free improvisation, including "Improvisation in Education" by LaDonna Smith.

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