Sheet Music: Easy Piano

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Attractive sheet music for piano, mostly easy, with some pieces suitable for absolute beginners.

PF004/ Merrily I Play Along
Instruments: Solo Piano

Description: All the favourite beginner's pieces, in one handy book, together with lyrics and lots of creative activities. Ideal for early lessons with creatively-minded teachers, or for holiday fun. Most melodies have a range of 3-6 notes (do-re-mi-fa-so-la). 

The familiar pieces in this book are all early favourites for players of melody instruments. However, they are less frequently encountered in arrangements for the beginner pianist. Here, they are all presented in the 'Middle C' position, that adopted for the majority of beginners. The pianist can play just the melodic line, dividing the tune between the two hands, as indicated in the score, or can add the simple harmony parts, in the left hand. 

Level: Pre-1(very easy)

PF002/ Stars From the Start
Instruments: Solo Piano

Description: Attractive pieces for the concert debut, which do not go beyond Middle C hand position. 

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1. A Summer Shower

2. Best of Friends  

3. We Just feel Like Dancing

4. Reassurance

5. Take Your Partners!

Level: Pre-1 (very easy)


PF001/ Pitch It Right!
- Fun Tunes for Early Readers

Instruments: Solo Piano

Description: Very simple songs, in the treble clef (C-G), for absolute beginners. They were originally compiled for class teaching and teachers' notes are available, with pages of games and activities  for aural and rhythmic training. Pitch It Right! is ideal for teachers who adopt an aural approach to early tuition, or who use tonic solfa.

Level: Pre-1 (very easy)

PF005/To the Wind
Instruments: Solo Piano

Description: Easy play arrangements of mainly Russian classical music and original compositions by N.V.Kouznetsova. This album includes, what are believed to be, the first easy-play arrangements of all four parts of Scheherezade by Rimsky-Korsakov.

Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade's Fairy Tales
(1) About The Sultan And Sinbad's Ship   
(2) Scheherezade Starts The Story About The Kalender Prince   
(3) The Young Prince And The Young Princess
(4) The Festival of Bhagdad
Mozart: Serenade from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Mozart: Menuetto Trio from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Mozart: Overture to The Marriage Of Figaro
Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto   
Tschaikovsky: April (Snowdrop)
Tschaikovsky: June (Barcarole)
Varlamov: The White Lonely Sail
N.V.Kouznetsova: The Emperor`s New Clothes (based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale)  
N.V.Kouznetsova: Shrovetide Song "Maslenitsa" N.V.Kouznetsova: Holiday, Holiday!
N.V.Kouznestova: Off We Go!
N.V.Kouznetsova: Party Song
Tschaikovsky: Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (from "The Nutcracker")
N.V.Kouznetsova: Tsar and Tsarina (from "The Fairytale About The Tsarevna And The Seven Knights" based on the poem by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin)
N.V.Kouznetsova: To The Wind (from "The Fairytale About The Tsarevna And The Seven Knights" based on the poem by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin)

Level: Easy/Fairly Easy
PF005/To the Wind



Looking for first ensemble pieces? Most of our music for beginners on melody instruments has simple, satisfying, piano accompaniments. These are clearly presented and very suitable for introducing young pianists to the delights of ensemble playing. For online scores, see music for beginners.