? title>Beginner method for violin, viola, cello and bass by Jennie Lou Klim

One Step at a Time

A new approach to teaching violin, viola, cello, double bass by Jennie Lou Klim.


In BOOKS I and II, the student is systematically introduced to the notes on each string, using all the fingers to create a tetrachord. Fingering appears on the first page of a new note, and later only as needed. All etudes and songs are within a one-octave range, thus requiring the use one pattern, the Basic Finger Pattern. Quarter, half, and eighth notes are introduced in rhythmic-verbal terms such as "walk" and "running", rather than with numbers. This eliminates confusion over fingering vs. rhythm. Learning the letter names for the notes is reserved until the student is reading the music with ease, and is accomplished in one simple lesson. Finger Pattern Charts appear on appropriate pages as guides.

In BOOKS III and IV, more complex rhythmic and bowing patterns are introduced in other keys, necessitating the introduction of three more finger patterns. There are songs and etudes within the one-octave range before progressing to two-octave scales, etudes and songs, requiring combination patterns. Finger Pattern Charts appear on appropriate pages as guides.

In Book V, the student is introduced to modes, minor keys, harmonics, double stops, shifting, duets, and more advanced original, as well as selected songs from the classics.

Endorsements Carrie Lane Gruselle, a native of Stevens Point, WI, with a strong Suzuki emphasis in her background, is a nationally known composer, arranger, pedagogue, and conductor of the Academy String Orchestra for the Lawrence Academy of Music in Appleton, WI.


"Jennie Lou Klim’s ONE STEP AT A TIME series is the culmination of years of expert teaching, carefully considered pedagogical principals and attention to children and their needs. These books address each component of the learning process clearly and progressively, simply and effectively, in terms of both technique and musicianship.  They are equally suited to serve as supplemental note-reading books for the Suzuki student, or as stand-alone traditional method books. 

It is gratifying to see such systematic and thorough books filled with well chosen repertoire, from time-honored compositions and folk-tunes to creative original material, each example carefully chosen to fulfill a purpose. These books are excellent resources for teachers of aspiring musicians."


Haroutune Bedelian, master teacher, virtuoso, former Professor of Violin at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England, and currently Associate Professor of Music at the Univ. of CA in Irvine.

 "It is a distinct privilege for me to write a preface to ONE STEP AT A TIME, a set of five outstanding method books for the violin by Jennie Lou Klim. These important books not only cover very clearly and logically all the fundamental steps necessary, but they also combine the concepts of perceiving music with the development of the young musician.

Having known Jennie Lou Klim now for many years as a devoted teacher and violinist, with the care and natural instinct of educating and nurturing a child’s interest in music, we have here an extraordinary result of bringing many years of knowledge into a logical and organized series of five books that cover all areas that are necessary for the talented child.

The presentation is logically organized step by step, introducing the student to a positive and functional method where the progress is a natural growth. The young beginner is introduced to the simplest and most direct approach to learning to play the instrument. Finger patterns are combined with an explanation of harmony and keys, introduced at the right moment. This, in combination with the grasp of the fundamentals, this is an invaluable approach to the understanding of the complexities of harmonic, melodic and rhythmic language on which our musical culture is based on. This allows the imagination to freely explore itself through the medium of sound and the instruments."

Jennie Lou Klim received a B.A. degree in music and violin performance from Western College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, during which time she played in the Dayton Philharmonic and received a full scholarship to Eastman School of Music for graduate school. Over the years, she attended American String Teacher International Workshops, Suzuki Teacher Training Workshops in the United States and Europe, and the summer workshop for teaching children to play violin at Indiana University, Bloomington. IN.


She developed string programs in public school systems, started several summer music camps, taught Kindermusik, and created her own program for pre-school children. She played first violin in several symphonies in Pennsylvania and Florida, and continues an active schedule of teaching, playing, and writing. Many of her former students are now professional musicians.


"The real preparation for these books came from a lifetime of teaching. This method has been successful in my own studio, and I am happy to share it with other teachers who are looking for a new, classic approach for their students."

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