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ICT To Support Inclusion In Music


Here are some of the numerous ways in which ICT has helped me to facilitate participation by pupils whose involvement would be, otherwise, difficult to secure:

- providing ethnic percussion sounds for a project on Ghanaian drumming

- making available 'virtual' instruments for physically-disabled pupils unable to use conventional resources

- real-time transposition of music played on keyboards, allowing pupils to participate in a performance, playing in otherwise inaccessible keys.

- availability of independent learning materials, enabling a pupil to qualify for entry to an examination course

- multi-part recorded arrangements, in which tracks could be muted and played by more able pupils, whilst others enjoyed the support of the recorded model.

- facilitating the production of customized scores for those unable, for whatever reason, to read from those generally available.

Examples of customized scores

Some recommended reading:

Music Technology & Curriculum Access
Switch Users & the Music Teacher

both available from

See these Web sites:

The Full Pitcher Music Resources
a publisher specialising in resources for creative and inclusive music-making, including the GridPlay software packages, developed in response to principles discussed on this website.

"exhilarating opportunities for music composition and live group music- making, with the invisible, expanding keyboard in space"

Expressive Software Projects
ESP specialises in Music Software and Hardware for PC, Mac and Acorn. Their aim is to make music more accessible using technology as a tool

Living My Song
A UK organisation providing information and resources to support access to music, particularly for people with physical disabilities and other special needs. There is a strong emphasis on ICT.

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