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Embedding ICT in Music Education

Embedding ICT

Seeing all the work that has gone into this site, people could be forgiven for thinking that I'm a hi-tech music enthusiast but nothing is further from the truth! I am only interested in technology in as far as it enables me to do things, as a musician and a teacher, that I can't achieve in other ways. Given a choice of playing a piano or an electronic keyboard, I'd choose the piano every time! I have extremely limited patience with technology - and, no, I don't know how to work the family video recorder!

In the early 1980s, I got into music technology from necessity, not choice. At that time, I had a number of disabled pupils whose needs I could not meet in any other way. I soon found that, not only did the technology provide a means of access for these pupils, it also opened up new musical experiences for me and enhanced my teaching, generally.

Technology makes its most effective contribution when it is integrated with other resources. Some things it does well and other things it does extremely badly! I believe that we teachers only have time for it in the classroom when it enables us to do something impossible by other means or to do something more easily, or more effectively.

In the study, there are countless examples of ICT resources being used alongside more traditional resources and teaching methods, in order to provide access or enhance the learning experience. Embedding ICT is the 'in thing' at the moment but I've been doing it for the past twenty years. On this site, I'm keen to share with you ideas that will make the integrated use of technology enjoyable and rewarding.

I'm delighted, now, to have published the first two volumes of GridPlay software, in which I have created resources based on the principles of sharing, access and integrated musical experience.

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