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The Duke of York's Soldier


Toy Soldier Image


Here are the words of the song:

What a grumpy soldier, I,
Tired of marching "me, oh my!"
Up the hill and then march down,
Marching all the way to town.


 Can you march in time to the music or play a drum to help the other soldiers keep in time? This tune uses just uses 3 notes - D, F# and A. If you have chime bars (song bells) or are able to find these notes on an instrument, you may be able to make up your own 3-note marching tune. An interesting thing about these 3 notes is that they all sound good played together, so if you and your friends play different tunes, at the same time, your tunes will also sound good together. The song can be sung as a round, with singers starting at different times.


© Audrey Podmore, 2014