Exploring Klezmer

Klezmer is the soulful celebratory music of eastern European Jews. When they emigrated, settling in the New World, they exposed Americans and other nationalities living in America to the music. People have been reintroduced to this music via a revival that has taken place since the 1970's. Through recordings, concerts and celebrations, klezmer has reached people across the country, and across the world. Not just Jews, but audiences of diverse backgrounds.

There are many publications now where you can leap right in, playing the music from lead sheets, sometimes with an accompanying CD . It is improvisatory music and, in their highly expressive language, the modes speak for themselves, allowing the musician to explore this music, whether dipping in 'with one toe' or going for total immersion!

The most traditional instruments in klezmer are violin, clarinet, flute, cimbalom, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, string bass and drums. Workshops and festivals abound in such areas as New York City, California, London, Ukraine, Berlin and Vienna, to name a few.

"Klezmer inspires those who have always wanted to dance to the music that's on the stage and were too afraid! Many concerts encourage such "happenings" and, because some band leaders such as Adrianne Greenbaum teach klezmer/Yiddish dance as well, dancers often spring out of their seats, travelling up and down the aisles in step to the music.

Adrianne has given recent master classes at USC and Portland Oregon (flute society) and Ohio State and Miami U. in Ohio. Adrianne's workshops and masterclasses often combine teaching of classical and klezmer techniques. (See www.klezmerflute.com).

Click the links below to see pdf examples of two wedding songs.

A special dance tune Adrianne composed - in the traditional style - "for a special niece."

Mazel Tov.pdf
A congratulatory tune that could be used during the reception to greet the family.

Explore Klezmer at these sites:

FleytMuzik (at klezmerflute.com or cdbaby),

Budowitz (at www.Budowitz.com),

Family Portrait (www.klezband.com or cdbaby),

or visit www.klezmershack.com for great ideas, reviews, and interviews!

(See our creative workshops page for details of of flute classes at "KlezKanada", North America's only annual rural-based summer festival of Jewish/Yiddish music and culture)

Klezmer is happening - everywhere! Don't be left behind!

Adrianne's band
"The Klezical Tradition"
and "FleytMuzik"

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