The Full Pitcher

Creative music publisher, The Full Pitcher Music Resources is exploring a whole range of innovatory ideas to facilitate creative and inclusive music-making. Their website, at can form a very valuable resource for people with special needs.

The GridPlay/MIDIgrid software, which has been of immeasurable value in Living My Song workshops, can be supplied by the Full Pitcher customised to your individual needs. See for details.

A large section of the Full Pitcher sheet music catalogue has been placed online as digital sheet music. Using the Flash plug-in, already installed in 97% of browsers, you can listen to this music, which is streamed at settings appropriate to 56K modems. This means that, for example, a parent wishing to share in musical activities with their child, but lacking confidence in singing, can play the online music as a backing track. If you wish to obtain the printed sheet music, it can be purchased as PDF downloads. There is a secure online payment system through which to make your purchases.

People who have special requirements in terms of printed music can request a custom arrangement. This will then be given an International Standard Music Number and made available online, so that anyone, worldwide, with a similar need can find it.

On the Miscellaneous Scores page, there is a 'Family Fun' section, full of activities for parents, friends and teachers to share with people of all ages and abilities. This is changed each season of the year. The Full Pitcher also maintains a non-commercial area on the website, "Get Creative". In this section, you will find a children's activity page, articles and features about all sorts of creative music, support for family music-making, hints for children, parents and teachers on how to get the best out of The Full Pitcher's digital resources, and lots more!