ICT-based Curriculum Resources KS 4

KS4 to Adult
Materials for the key stage 4 music classroom. Here, teachers will find creative projects, with lots of support for improvisation, downloadable scores for ad-hoc groups of instruments and creative music software.


a most unusual program! Initially conceived as a tool for professional composers, it has a simple enough interface to be used by very young children. This is the musical equivalent of a box of paints - and a whole lot more besides, providing new ways to explore, perform and compose music.

-Create and play virtual instruments
-Improvise & compose
-Make multi-track recordings
-Create your own interactive teaching resources

The present MIDIgrid for Windows is a basic version of this powerful program, including just those facilities most useful in the classroom, and suitable for use by specialist and non-specialist teachers alike. It offers unparalleled opportunities for users, of all ages and abilities, to explore the building blocks of musical composition.

MIDIgrid comes with a number of pre-prepared grids suitable for use at key stages 1-4, along with full teaching notes for composition projects at key stages 1 & 2. These demonstrate how the software might be used both for structured teaching with a creative focus and for free exploration. The activities integrate the ‘performing’, ‘composing’ and ‘using ICT’ strands of the music curriculum.

SW001 MIDIgrid for Windows  CD ROM


"Music for All Seasons" Miscellaneous Scores
Downloadable PDF sheet music with online playback

Online music to share, with something for all ages and abilities. Listen online and use our Flash playback as backing tracks. The sheet music for these songs is available as PDF (what's PDF?) downloads. Each season there is a link to a fresh 'Family Fun' activity page, featuring selected scores. These provide a means of achieving many objectives from the QCA programmes of study at Key Stages 1 & 2. The scores themselves will provide performance materials for Key Stage 3 - Adult.

Format: Audio/PDF
Price: See individual scores
Music for All Seasons" Miscellaneous Scores

Music for Christmas
Downloadable PDF sheet music with online playback

Christmas music to explore online. The sheet music for these songs is available in downloadable PDF (what's PDF?) format. The 'Simply Carols' series consists of mix 'n' match arrangements of familiar carols. Instrumental parts can be played as written or used as the basis for your own improvised music. 'Children's Christmas' includes original seasonal songs for children to sing and play and ideas for creative activities.

Format: Flash/PDF
Price: See individual scores
Music for Christmas


Flexible Ensembles
Downloadable PDF sheet music with online playback

Description: These are flexible arrangements, suitable for the ad-hoc ensembles likely to be encountered in the secondary classroom. They can be transposed to any key, to suit a range of instruments. Usually they have at least one (optional) part suited to less experienced players. This can often be played to good effect on metallic tuned percussion, or keyboard. The arrangements can be used as backing tracks with pupils playing the easier, additional parts. Scores can be purchased in downloadable PDF format and custom packs of printed score and parts can be ordered, in any transposition required.

Format: Flash/ PDF / Custom Prints
Price: See individual scores
Flexible Ensembles


Custom Arrange & Print Service

Switch Users & the Music Teacher

Many disabled pupils, unable to make music in any other way, can participate in a musical performance if they have switch access. In the music classroom, switch systems may be used in two ways: they are communication aids, used as controllers for speech synthesisers, text writers, etc., and also serve as virtual musical instruments, controlling various sound-making devices. It is important that, when used as virtual instruments, they should be treated in the same way as any other musical instrument.
This leaflet will assist teachers in using the switch system as an integrated resource for classroom music-making.

Download PDF

You need a pdf reader to open the file and we have included a link to download the free Adobe Reader, if you do not already have one.

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Japanese Folk Music

A creative project for Key Stages 3-4, using ideas from Japanese folk music as the basis of improvisation & composition. In recent years, ethnic music from Japan has been a source of new ideas for composers in both popular and classical genres. We can also tap into this resource in the classroom. There are opportunities for web-based extension work.

National Curriculum areas 1C, 2a, 2b, 4c

1c) practise, rehearse and perform with awareness of different parts, the roles and contribution of the different members of the group, and the audience and venue

2a) improvise, exploring and developing musical ideas when performing

2b) produce, develop and extend musical ideas, selecting and combining resources within musical structures and given genres, styles and traditions

4c) identify the contextual influences that affect the way music is created, performed and heard.

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